Northeast Aerial Photography

Northeast Aerial Photography provides to the New England area including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, as well as the Capitol and Adirondack regions of New York Oblique and Vertical aerial photography services.

Homeowners, Architects, Developers, Real Estate agents, Construction Companies, Media & Advertising departments, Tourism operators, Insurance Companies & Lawyers are all some of the typical clients that utilize our services.

We can provide our clients with images in both print and digital format.


North East Aerial provides aerial photos in print or digital format for a wide variety of industries.


We are able to capture images of your construction project to provide critical documentation for the Owner, Architect, Bank, Sub-contractors, etc. Progress photos can be taken on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Real Estate

Aerial photos provide a unique view to help agents market there listings. Photos are typically taken from the North, South, East, and West as well as close up.

In land development aerial photos can also be helpful to aid in site selection and to identify potential property line and easement conflicts.

Appraisers find aerial photos helpful to document a properties value and to show its location to neighboring properties which may have a bearing on it’s value.


Indisputable documentation for property encroachment, accident reconstruction, and crime scene investigations can be enhanced by aerial photos .


Aerial photos are a great addition to your web site or brochure. A unique way to display your Hotel, Resort, Golf Course, Ski Area, Auto Dealership, Real Estate Development, Sporting Event, and many more.